Pakistan becomes the first islamic country who bans dowry . But it becomes huge accompolishment when it implements. It somewhat gives hope that this culture should stop now. I am in never favour of giving dowry its such a miserble or disturbing thing for bride’s parents . IN SHAA ALLAH NOW THIS CULTURE SHOULD STOP NOW.


Take me to the journey , where all humans are align , irrespect to their cast and creed . where the heart find solace , where the eyes feel the light , where the ears heard the beautiful azaan , where that you can’t leave the place, where the soul feed , where the head bows down, where the person feels richest , where the hands go upward , where you feel that you are blessed one , where only that people go when they have call from the creator , where everyone find their happiness, Take me to this journey .


I, you and many others are bless with 2 eyes that we clearly see these beautiful world that Allah created for us, we have 2 ears that listen the calling from Allah ,2 hands that we used to done many things with them , bless to have 2 feet which we get close to Allah . This almost many people in the world are blessed with these blessings but you ever say ALHAMDULLILAH FOR it. If I asked these question so many of you never pay attention to these blessings because we think it’s normal but a person cannot appreciate the thing when they have , they only realised when they lost it. We never feel the pain of others until we put our feet in their shows.

Moment of truth is that we never thanked Allah for this blessings which is seems to be small but it is not . Recently something happen to me and I can’t walk properly than the moment of truth knock on my heart that how we take for granted for these BLESSING we have . We seems it’s too small but no it’s not. Everything is happen to you is definitely have purpose . Never ever for granted any blessing you have right now because you never know that seems too small for you but it’s seems the biggest blessing in someone’s eye. If you are awake say Alhamdulliah if you walk properly say ALHAMDULLILAH, if you have food on table say ALHAMDULLILAH, every step of your life is BLESSING, don’t take for granted , show gratitude . ALLAH SAYS: “IF YOU ARE GRATEFUL ,I WILL GIVE YOU MORE “SURAH IBRAHIM


First month of Islamic calendar and often referred as the month of Allah.. in these month( especially on 10th of muharram) many events takes place in Islamic history.

So it’s high time to make of these month and do good deeds as much as you can . Give sadqa , offering salat , fasting ,reciting quran and most of all be kind towards people . Remember me in your prayers. Jazakillah


Karachi the city of light is now become the city of water where the water is not in the tap it’s on the roads, buildings or houses. No one literally no one political party own this city they only do their politics . The city which is the hub of economy ,the citizen that pay more taxes they have least facilities or its right to say they have no facilities . In other countries people relief when the rain is pouring but the people of karachi become afraid of the rain because there is no proper drainage or sewerage system . The whole city is sinking and its devastating to see my city like this… Karachi is like a mother who brought ap 10 children alone but the 10 children can’t brought up single mother…

It’s only request you to the people please pray for the Karachi and if any one needs your help please help them as much as you can … Ya ALLAH reham

Happy Independence Day

The man Mohammad Ali Jinnah, become the source to give these beautiful country after Allah…

May our beloved land become the source of peace . Aameen May Allah give freedom to Indian occupied Kashmir. Because today we are celebrating independence but their struggle of freedom is still there May Allah free paradise from infidels. Aameen……. We Pakistani always there to support our Kashmir people..

Long live Pakistan🇵🇰 Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰


The valley that you are destroying, it’s make your own life torturing. You think that people become scared, silent or stop, but if they would die,they should call as martyr. The freedom movement will never end, I hope that bright sun will rise and the ray of their independence is coming close and the bunch of happiness is waiting for them. Just remember that the fire you inflict in the valley is enough to destroy you. Because it’s hard to destroy the people who have firm belief on Allah. AND AS YOU KNOW THAT The paradise in never ever belongs to infidels


We always sad when Ramadan is leaving but after 2 months Allah give the month of zil hajj to do what we don’t do in Ramadan so it’s great opportunity to do good deeds because the good deeds we do in these days is more beloved to Allah.
Recite Durood shareef
Recite Astaghfar
Recite Quran with translation
Give sadqah. Keep fast on 9 days and if you can’t than fast 9th zil haj as it expiates you sin from previous and coming year..
Do Qurbani if you can
AND Remember all the entire ummah in your prayers also make dua for the people who are suffering .


I choose to be happy,
If the food is in my plate whether it’s a dal chawal
I choose to be happy
If I wear the clothes which I bought from local market.
I choose to be happy ,
If I can’t afford the branded makeup.
I choose to be happy,
If I am travelling in a bus,
I choose to be happy,
If I have slippers in my feet
I choose to be happy,
If I can help some needy,
I choose to be happy,
If I am willing to do things by my self
I choose to be happy,
Because it connects me with the creature… I choose to be happy ,
So what if I can’t afford the things which is branded so what I can’t afford the restaurants on daily basis so what if I can’t travel in a car…. it’s not the parameter of living a good life.
The parameter of the good life is that your own soul is satisfy and happy….
I choose to be happy Because Allah is the best planner and he knew very well what is best for us so be grateful and choose to be happy whatever you have.


Who turns day into night, And night into day.

Who changes happiness into sadness, or sadness into happiness.

Who gives you hope in despair time, that you can’t be sad anymore.

Who gives you the miraculous book, so you take some STRENGTH from it.

Who turns every bad day into good, As in the world All things can change.

But there is the One who rules the world, The ultimate Creator , faith on Him can change every situation into your betterment.

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